Welcome to the website of the 9th Acanthocephalan Workshop!

The workshop, hosted by the Institute of Parasitology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Košice, Slovakia, the Slovak Society for Parasitology at SAS, and the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic, will take place at the Congress Center ACADEMIA, the High Tatras mountains, Slovakia on 9-13 September 2018.
The meeting will cover all aspects related to acanthocephalans including their ecology and environment, evolution, behaviour, physiology, pathology, host-parasite interaction, taxonomy and phylogeny. The aim is to synthesize current knowledge about this relatively low-represented parasitic group, to point out directions for future research and discuss scientific perspectives.
We also look forward to welcoming specialists focused on rotifers attending a sister scientific event, the 15th International Rotifer Symposium, June 3-9, 2018, held in El Paso, Texas (https://www.utep.edu/science/rotiferaxv/).

We are looking forward to meet you in Slovakia The Organizing Committee

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